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Apple Business Chat
Sherlock Platform Offers Apple Business Chat to help clients meet customers where they are.

Sherlock Platform announced its customers are now able to use Apple Business Chat, a new way for users to communicate directly with companies using the Messages app on Apple products.

"We are proud to support Apple Business Chat, which offers a powerful, engaging new way for businesses to connect with their customers where they are and when they want, using Apple products. Businesses that use Sherlock Platform can easily sign up to try Apple Business Chat beta."

Sherlock Platform customers can use Apple Business Chat to implement the principles of conversational commerce and communicate with customers throughout their whole life cycle: from first contact with promo chat-bot, making purchases quickly and securely using Apple Pay and great customer support any time after. With Business Chat, customers can always reach a live person and are always in control of whether they share any contact information with a business.

Apple Business Chat is now available in beta for users and businesses worldwide, and is built into iOS 11.3 or later. The new chat suggestions feature is available starting with iOS 13.
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